All About the LuLaRoe Carly

All About the LuLaRoe Carly

Ah, the Carly!

The Carly is the newest women's dress from LuLaRoe, launched at convention in July.  I was there with my team when they introduced it and, we were all excited to see a new dress style and being there for the first glimpses of it was quite the experience. 

I admit that I was skeptical of the fit of the Carly, would it really be flattering? I am not rail thin and if a dress doesn't have a set shape, it tends to make me look frumpy. And here we have the Carly, which to me looked like a shapeless, oversized boyfriend tee shirt dress. But, when they introduced it, the head designer for LuLaRoe, Patrick, talked about all of the iterations they went through with the design and how they tried it on every body type and size they could possibly find to get just that perfect fit. 

At the end of the day they introduced the Carly, they gave us all one to take home! The next day at convention, hundreds of women were wearing the Carly and it all clicked - this dress looked amazing on EVERYONE. Seriously, no matter what her size or shape, every woman looked great with it - some belted the dress, some wore it oversized and knotted it over jeans. It was great to see and really boosted my confidence to give it a try. And seriously, I probably buy too many of them now - they are that comfortable and flattering. If you have a little be sure to look at the girl's version of the Carley called the Scarlett dress. Perfect for Mommy and Me sets! 

Carly Look #1 - Belted

Carly Fit

The overall fit of the Carly is like a shift dress - it's loose and doesn't give you a ton of shape - but it's a fun canvas to create some shape! The upper portion of the dress is fitted like a casual tee shirt, making it super comfortable. The fit of the Carly is also very much dependent on what size you get and how you style it. I can wear anywhere from the XXS to the XXL depending on the look I'm going for (oversized in a lot of LuLaRoe dresses is a really fun way to style and opens up your print and pattern options so much). I'm wearing an XS in the pink stripes.

Carly Styling

Because the Carly is a looser fit, there are a ton of ways to style it - like many LuLaRoe dresses, I'm sure I haven't even figured out every way possible! When I took these photos it was still around 80 degrees, and I was totally comfortable - and yes, even after taking all the photos I did wear the dress out - it's possibly the best dress for almost every occasion. You could easily style this dress up for work, then transition it into a fun look for post-work happy hour with coworkers, or style it for date night. I honestly think you can find a way to wear this dress anywhere!

Here are a few super simple ways I style the Carly!

Carly Look #2 - Throw on a Chambray!

I wear my chambray shirt with almost every outfit. It's so easy to throw on as a light jacket or to add an extra layer. I love using my chambray for a little bit of both. It was super nice out during the day here, but I kept the extra layer with me as it got cooler in the evening. It also gives me a different shape - I've got some hips that definitely show when I use a belt to define my waist - the chambray helps balance me out a little bit.

Carly Look #2.5 - A Couple of Simple Changes!

I also tried switching up my belt placement a little bit to see which I liked better. And then changed my shoes to see a slightly more casual look (and took a few sips of my iced coffee).

Carly Look #3 - A Carly of a Different Color and Size!

I kept the chambray, but switched up the shoes a couple times (my Toms boots are my go to when I want more than a flat, and I love my white Converse). This grey Carly is a super lightweight tee shirt material. I'm a fan!

Carly Size Chart

Here is the size chart for the Carly! Like I said above, I am able to wear XXS - 2XL! It all depends on the fit and how you want to wear it!

LuLaRoe Carly Size Chart
XXS 00-0
XS 2-4
S 6-8
M 10-12
L 14-16
XL 18-20
2XL 22-24
3XL 24-26

How Much Does The Carly Cost?

The Carly retails for $55! 

For another fun look is the Carly with leggings! Stay tuned!

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