How to Qualify for the LuLaRoe Cruise

How to Qualify for the LuLaRoe Cruise

Updated for the 2018 LuLaRoe Cruise!

The 2018 LuLaRoe Cruise qualifications are:

Selling $12,000 or more a month for ANY 6 months from Nov 1, 2017 to Nov, 2018.

I'm so excited that the criteria is more flexible and will allow more Retailers to Cruise Qualify in 2018! I'm making it my goal to qualify this year.

Find out how to earn a spot on the LuLaRoe Cruise as a LuLaRoe Fashion Retailer

So you've been selling LuLaRoe for a few months and have been hearing everyone talk about the LuLaRoe Cruise. The cruise is an incentive trip offered by LuLaRoe to retailers who hit a certain sales number for several months in a row. I can hear you asking now,  "how do I qualify for that?"  

In 2016, a retailer needed to do retail sales of $12,000 or more for 4 consecutive months to qualify for the cruise. It was definitely a tough number to hit, and took quite a bit of blood, sweat, and tears to hit that for four months in a row (at least for most of us!). So if you know of a retailer who cruise qualified be sure to give them a high five!

Now, in 2016 there were quite a few retailers who rocked their business and qualified, and LuLaRoe ended up adding a SECOND CRUISE! I qualified in the later part of 2016, and was on the second cruise! 

The first cruise left port in Miami, FL and it was out for 7+ days in February! The second cruise left port in Port Canaveral at the end of April for 7+ days!

LuLaRoe has upped the qualifications to “cruise qualify” in 2017. Retailers must sell $12,000 for 6 out of 8 consecutive months. 

I know I'm working hard to get on that cruise ship again and I know my team is as well! I want all of us on that 2018 cruise! If you are interested in becoming a LuLaRoe rep feel free to email me or read more about how much a LuLaRoe consultant makes

If you are new to LuLaRoe be sure to join my VIP which is where you will shop! 

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LuLaRoe Mommy and Me

LuLaRoe Mommy and Me

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