LuLaRoe Color Collection

LuLaRoe Color Collection

Earlier this week LuLaRoe posted a teaser video announcing the LuLaRoe Color Collection - and the first color is NOIR! Black is a classic color and it’s a fabulous staple piece for everyone. The details are slim right now, but we will know more soon. This post will be updated with more details as they are released. The Color Collection is going to be huge and I can’t wait to get my hands on some, so be sure to join my VIP!  Check out all the details about the LuLaRoe Color Collection below!

What Styles Are Available in the Color Collection?

The styles have not been officially announced yet, but here are some styles that have been featured in similar capsules. 




Classic Tee





Leggings (All Sizes)




What Colors are in the LuLaRoe Color Collection?

Noir Collection: The first announced color in the Color Collection is black. Black is a classic color and it’s a fabulous staple piece for everyone. 


LuLaRoe Color Collection Size Chart

The Color Collection is just the same styles you know and love, just in that collection's color, so wear your regular size in each respective style. If you are unsure about sizes just check out each style post and I have included a size chart in the post. 

How Much Does the LuLaRoe Color Collection Cost?

The LuLaRoe Color Collection prices are still not released, but I don’t anticipate an premium charge for the Color Collection. Here are the Color Collection prices: 

Amelia $65

Carly $55

Cassie $35

Classic Tee $35

Gigi $35

Irma $35

Joy $60

Julia $45

Leggings (Kids, Tween) $23

Leggings (OS, TC & TC2) $25

Lynnae $38

Sarah $70

Shirley $48

Like all of the LuLaRoe Color Collections and Capsules releases they are a limited release and I’m always trying to get more. Be sure to join my VIP page to shop my latest styles on Facebook.

Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh

LuLaRoe Noir Collection

LuLaRoe Noir Collection

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