LuLaRoe Elegant Collection

LuLaRoe Elegant Collection

Updated for Elegant Collection 2017!

Oh my gosh, the Elegant Collection is stunning - absolutely gorgeous LuLaRoe pieces glammed up for the holidays and beyond! I'm so glad LuLaRoe brought back the Elegant Collection for 2017.

What's the big deal?

The Elegant Collection is the same comfortable, flattering designs made to be party and holiday ready. You can expect to see some fabulous shimmer, sequins, metallic foiling, and upscale styling with these limited edition pieces.

For the 2017 LuLaRoe Elegant Collection the fabrics are a higher quality. I'm seeing there will be feathering, embroidering and classy stylings. This year's Elegant Collection will be much more limited edition, so you want to be sure to snag that perfect piece.   

As with most LuLaRoe prints, only a certain number of each design is produced - the same with this limited edition collection. Even consultants were limited to the number of pieces they were allowed to purchase to make sure everyone has a chance to share the Elegant Collection love with their lovely VIP customers!

LuLaRoe 2017 Elegant Collection Styling

I was able to get some sneak peeks of the 2017 Elegant Collection and here is an early look!


LuLaRoe Elegant Collection 2016 Styling


2017 LuLaRoe Elegant Collection Styles

For the 2017 The Elegant Collection I'm assuming they will be in available in the following styles, but I'll update when I get more details.

Dresses - Amelia, Ana, Carly, Julia, Nicole and Debbie (NEW)

Tops - Classic Tee, Irma, Perfect Tee, and Randy

Skirts - Cassie, Jill, Lola, Lucy, Madison, and Maxi

Kimono/Sweaters - Joy, Lindsay, and Monroe

Kids - Bianka and Mae

LuLaRoe Elegant Collection Pricing

Pricing is a touch higher on the Elegant Collection - and it is so worth it. I've seen these in person and they are so gorgeous and such high quality celebratory pieces. Perfect for spending time with family this holiday season, having a drink with coworkers at a work holiday party, or ringing in the new year, this collection is sure to be luxurious while remaining comfortable. I'm so excited to get my order in! I'll be announcing on my VIP page as soon as I get details!

What LuLaRoe Means To Me

What LuLaRoe Means To Me

LuLaRoe Holiday Leggings

LuLaRoe Holiday Leggings

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