LuLaRoe Mimi

LuLaRoe Mimi

The Mimi!!!!

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Introduced last last week at LuLaRoe Leadership, the Mimi is a one size fits all shawl with a few buttons to allow you to wear and style it several different ways. As soon as they brought it out on stage it was clear this would be a luxurious layering piece perfect for a number of occasions. 



Mimi Styling First Impressions

The Mimi is a wrap - which means it can be worn as a shawl, but so many other ways as well. It can be wrapped like a scarf, open like a shawl, or draped and buttoned like a poncho. There will be a variety of fabrics available - some will be super warm, chunk knits, and others will be lightweight and thinner, perfect for a quick wrap with another layer. 

This is one items where there will be something for everyone depending on what your weather is like and your needs are!

Mimi Styling

Here are a few ways to style the Mimi. Be sure to check back later after I get my shipment and add some of my own styling photos. 

And can we talk about how gorgeous my fabulous sponsor, Poonam Guinn, is in these photos (and in life overall)?! One of the really cool things that LuLaRoe does is use consultants in their photo shoots. All of these women are real life women, no airbrushing here - you are seeing real moms, sisters, daughters, wives, and hard working women. Amazing.

Mimi Styling #1 - Pancho

Check out how cute the Mimi is as a poncho. It has buttons up the front, so you can customize how buttoned up you want to be.

Mimi Styling #2 - Cape

Check back soon and see how I style the Mimi as a cape!

Mimi Styling #3 - Wrap/Shawl

Check back soon and see how I style the Mimi as a wrap!

Mimi Styling #4 - Scarf

Check back soon and see how I style the Mimi as a scarf!

Mimi Styling Size Chart

The Mimi is One Size and because of the loose, layering nature of it, perfect for all sizes! 

How Much Does The Mimi Cost?

The Mimi is limited edition and custom designed - once it is gone it is gone! It retails for $75! 

I'm so excited to get some Mimi's in, be sure to join my VIP and keep an eye out when I get them in! How would you style it? 

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