LuLaRoe Mommy and Me

LuLaRoe Mommy and Me

I'm so excited!!!!!! I love this Capsule release! Read below for all the glorious details of the Mommy and Me collection from LuLaRoe - in perfect time for Mother's Day!

What is LuLaRoe Mommy and Me? 

Mommy and Me is a capsule release from LuLaRoe, with matching sets for Momma and Kiddo, in similar styles and complementary color ways and prints! This collection is the perfect way to match your little one with exact colors and prints or to coordinate with similar prints or colors (with a few boy-ish prints too!).  

LuLaRoe Mommy and Me

Style Sets Available

Carley and Scarlett: The newest Mommy and Me styles are the Carly for mom and the Scarlett dress for the littles. Of course, Charlee needs to match me in the latest Scarlett dress! And don't forget, with every purchase of the Scarlett, LuLaRoe is donating $1 to the National Down Syndrome Society! How awesome is that?

Leggings: Of course there are going to be Mommy and Me leggings! These were very popular during Valentine's Day (and really, for every holiday) and little girls (and boys!) look so cute in these leggings all year around. Now you can match all year round! And yes, Charlee and I will be wearing these ;).

Nicole and Adeline: The Nicole and Adeline are so cute! The Nicole is already a fabulous spring dress, now you can have your little in a coordinating dress for all those springtime pictures! 

Irma and Gracie: These might be my favorite from this collection - the stripes and flora prints are amazing! The Gracie is so cute on little ones and matching mommy is that much better! And yes, I'll be keeping a set of these for me and baby girl, haha!

Mommy and Me Pricing

There is no special discounts for buying a Mommy and Me set, so the standard pricing still applies. Here are the retail prices for the more popular Mommy and Me styles.

One Size and Tall and Curvy Leggings: $29

Kids and Tween Leggings: $27

Carly Dress: $59

Scarlett Dress: $39

Nicole Dress: $52

Adeline Girls Dress: $34

Irma Top: $39

Gracie Kids Top: $32

Mommy and Me Prints

Here are some Mommy and Me prints. Be sure to Pin your favorites!

How to get a Mommy and Me set

A few times a year LuLaRoe will launch capsule collections which have intentionally designed sets that are Mommy and Me. These are usually Valentine's Day, spring time, and holiday

How to Qualify for the LuLaRoe Cruise

How to Qualify for the LuLaRoe Cruise

LuLaRoe Scarlett Girls Dress

LuLaRoe Scarlett Girls Dress

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