LuLaRoe Startup Costs: Initial Inventory & Supplies

LuLaRoe Startup Costs: Initial Inventory & Supplies

How much does it cost to join LuLaRoe?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by perspective LuLaRoe Fashion Retailers. There is the quick ballpark answer, but that doesn’t really tell the full story. I like to provide my new team members with the real story, so they can budget and not be surprised by all the “extras” they go beyond just purchasing the on boarding package. 

Initial Inventory Options

The initial LuLaRoe on-boarding inventory is around $5,000.

The Bare Necessities

DYMO Thermal Label Printer (

I don’t know how anyone can ship so much without this printer! Doesn’t use ink either, so just get the rolls of labels. 

Commercial Grade Clothing Garment Rack  (

These are the best garment racks that I’ve found for the price. I have too many at my house now, but they break down and fit into my car pretty easily as well. 

Mannequin Dress Form (

Yes you can use your floor to display your LuLaRoe, but for $40-50 you can display your inventory in a relatable way to the customers.

Velvet Suit Hangers (

Something else that I never thought about need a ton of, but you will go through hangers so fast! Probably have several hundred of these. 

Poly Mailers (10”x13”): (

These are a must for shipping most LuLaRoe items. I usually stock up when I find a good deal. Sometimes I mix in colors and prints to make it fun and surprise my customers. 

Shipping Subscription

iPhone/Cell Phone Tripod (

This is the perfect iPhone/cell phone mount that hooks on your tripod. Great for doing Facebook Live Sales, team trainings and taking photos with your phone. Set it up on the tri pod and you don’t have to worry about having shaky videos and live videos that make everyone dizzy. 

Skirt Hanger clips (

I just recently found these are great for hanging and displaying skits. Makes storage so much easier. They also fit right on the hangers that I have in this list as well. 

Seamless Background Paper (

Yes you can use your wall or door, but getting a seamless paper background can really take your photos to the next level. A clean white giant roll of paper will eliminate any distractions from the background and have your customers focus on your newest item. 

Seamless White Vinyl background  (

Same deal as above, but there is a vinyl option as well. This one is a little heavier, but you can reuse it for a long while. 

Nice to Haves


Unless you are blessed with a giant window with perfect sunlight at all times of the day you are more than likely going to need some lights. I have two options here which I currently use that work great. They are both LED, so they won’t be heating up your room and there aren’t any bulbs to replace. 

Ring Light Kit (

The best light to quickly and evenly light your face and I use it for my product shots on the mannequin as well. If you are planning on doing YouTube videos this will probably be your best bet.

LED Lighting Kit (

Great for adding some neutral light to anything. Portable and lightweight these LED lights don’t get hot, so you won’t be sweating under the lights. I got a few extra batteries for these as well, so I always have something charged. 


You obviously don’t need a special camera, let alone two cameras, but here are a few different options depending on what you are looking for. You can spend way more on a camera, but I’ve included two mid level options that have some good features that I use all the time. 

Canon Rebel T5i (

A solid mid-level DSLR for shooting pictures and video. The kit lens is pretty good as well and these usually go on sale for a pretty reasonable price. 

Sony a5100 (

A mirrorless DSLR that I first used for shooting my products. This camera is pretty great with the exception that you cannot add an external microphone, so the audio quality when shooting videos could be better. 


Apple MacBook Pro (

This is my everything computer. Fast enough to run all the normal stuff (email, Facebook, Netflix, etc) and more than enough speed and processing power to edit YouTube videos and photo editing. Also it very thin and lightweight, so I can carry it in my purse if I need to work in the car or on the bus. 

Odds and Ends

SanDisk Extreme 64GB SDXC UHS-I Card (

Lots of photos and videos take up lots of space. Be sure to get a SD card that have quick write speed and can hold lots of stuff. This one has great reviews. 

Amazon Basics Lightweight Tripod (

Great value here for a really solid tripod with level as well!

I want to do YouTube videos!

You want to take your marketing and reach to the next level and start a YouTube channel? Want to really bring up the quality of your Facebook Live Sales? Here is the list for you. You can totally start doing videos without any of these products, but if you want to make some investment into a few of these items it can really pay off in terms of video quality, lighting and sound quality. 


If I had to recommend one light for YouTube and other videos would be this ring light. I also pair the ring light with other lights to compliment and accent other areas of the background or provide extra lighting when necessary. 

Ring Light Kit (

The best light to quickly and evenly light your face and I use it for my product shots on the mannequin as well. 


The stock/kit lens that comes with the camera will more than likely work for you and can get you pretty far in terms of quality videos. If you are looking to take some really professional styling shots, videos or just want a better quality lens for shooting the family at the park then these are two great options. 

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens (

Cool pancake fixed lens that has decent auto-focus and allows me to get the look that I want for my videos. 

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens (

A must have lens for any Canon camera. This is a fixed lens as well. 

On Camera Microphone:

Rode VideoMic Pro (

I tested out a few different on camera mics and this one was the best by far. Really makes a huge difference in sound quality. This will NOT work with the Sony camera I have recommended. Make sure the camera you have has a “hot shoe” mount.

Rode VideoMic Me for smartphones (

If you are going to be recording videos using ONLY your iPhone or smartphone you will want to pick up this little wonder. It plugs into your headphone jack (so iPhone 7 and 7+ peeps will need the dongle) to provide much higher quality sound, so all the customers on your Facebook Live Sale can hear and hang on your every last word. 

Video Odds and Ends

DJI Phone Camera Gimbal OSMO MOBILE (

Not necessary at all, but a really cool toy if you want to shoot some b-roll type film with your phone. Keeps the phone steady and balances, so no more shaky phone footage! You can also have this mount to your tripod during your Live Sales, so you will have buttery smooth footage. 

DSLR Gadget Bag (

You are going to need a place to store all these cables, lenses, SD cards, and all the “stuff” that comes with having lots of equipment. This is a great, cheap, sturdy bag that can do it all. 

White Balance grey card (

To get the perfect color in your videos you can set custom settings in most cameras. Take a photo of this grey card right before you record your video or shoot your inventory and set it as the color scale. The camera will auto color the image for the perfect colors! Why it is called a white balance card, but it is grey is beyond me. 

Portable Card Reader (

A really helpful little piece of gear for uploading SD cards and other media via USB 3. 


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