New LuLaRoe Styles for 2017

New LuLaRoe Styles for 2017

I just got back from LuLaRoe Vision 2017 in Anaheim! This is the annual convention LuLaRoe puts on for their independent fashion retailers. They have everything from styling sessions to photography tips to really help retailers put our best foot forward for our customers. 

One majorly fun thing about Convention is they always announce new styles and even give some away to all attendees. If you rememeber from last year, Convention was when they announced the Carly, which is now one of the hottest pieces they offer. This year, they blew it out of the water and announced 8 new LuLaRoe styles for 2017! I'm so excited to bring these to my VIP and blog! 

This year they announced the Gigi, Jaxon, Harvey, Lynnae, Shirley, Monroe kids jacket, TC2 leggings and the Sariah. I’m going to give a few details about each, but make sure you check out the individual post for each style because I go into more details about pricing, sizing, and styling.


The LuLaRoe Gigi is LuLaRoe's first fitted top! It features an elbow-length sleeve with a classic high and rounded neck line. Such a simple and versatile style. This is very similar to the top on a Julia dress. 


The LuLaRoe Lynnae is a long sleeve top with a scooped neckline. Perfect for any season with it's high low hemline and hourglass tailoring. I can really see me wearing this on those perfectly cool summer nights! It would look so cute with a Joy or even the new timeless Harvey denim jacket. 


The LuLaRoe Shirley is a kimono that is perfect for a swimsuit coverup or that extra layer over a Julia dress.  The Shirley can be described as a really light weight, flowy Sarah that features the cutest patterned chiffons, laces and haccis. 


The LuLaRoe Jaxon is another take on the classic denim jacket. The Jaxon runs a bit longer and offers a tailored fit which gives a flattering fit to everyone. This LuLaRoe jacket features two front pockets, several color ways, shades and washes. Some even feature some really cool and unique embroidery. The denim is buttery soft and includes some spandex which allows for free and easy movement. I'm going to make this my fall staple. I can even see my husband trying to snag one too!


The LuLaRoe Harvey is the timeless and iconic denim jacket. The denim jacket is a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Featuring several color ways, washes and even custom embroidery this custom for LuLaRoe jacket will quickly become your favorite piece of outerwear. I know this will find its way into my closet and maybe even my husband's as well!


The LuLaRoe Sariah is a girl's version of the ever popular LuLaRoe Sarah! The Sariah is a sweater knit cardigan is a long, open front cardigan with pockets. It is lightweight and has a cropped long sleeve for movement. I can't wait for Charlee to wear hers around!

TC2 Leggings

These are the same leggings you know and love now available in a new size TC2! TC2 leggings are for anyone size 18+.

LuLaRoe Startup Costs: Initial Inventory & Supplies

LuLaRoe Startup Costs: Initial Inventory & Supplies

LuLaRoe Jaxon

LuLaRoe Jaxon

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