How Much Does it Cost to Join LuLaRoe?

When you first sign on with LuLaRoe, you must purchase an initial inventory package. This will include between 5-7 styles in all sizes and will cost approximately $5000-$6000. I know this sounds like a huge investment – and it absolutely is, that's why it's important to do your research! But the main thing to know is that you are purchasing 300-400 pieces at wholesale cost, and you will be selling them at retail prices. Your profit per piece is between approximately 40%-50%. See more details in the frequently asked questions section.

Don't forget there is also startup costs with LuLaRoe that many people don't take into account. Shipping bags, label printers,  hangers, garment racks, and tons more.  

Below is an example of how your initial onboarding package may look. Keep in mind that LuLaRoe updates the package based on what is currently in stock and how each piece is performing.

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I'd love to know more about you and your thoughts on joining LuLaRoe! Are you excited and ready to jump in head first? Are you looking for a way to provide for your family while staying at home? Do you want to make some vacation money and do it part time? I want to know more about you!