Here I am with the first two lovely ladies to join me on my LuLaRoe adventure!

Getting Started with LuLaRoe

Once you’ve done your research and are ready to make the investment, there are a few steps you’ll need to go through. You’ve hopefully found another consultant who you’ve been able to talk with and ask questions of. It’s important to find a consultant that you are comfortable with, enjoy sharing ideas and talking with, and who you feel will help you succeed in your business. The consultant that you choose to sign on under will be your sponsor. I would encourage you to spend a lot of time finding out what resources are available through your sponsor and their team before you sign up under them. Check out my frequently asked questions

Once you’ve found a consultant you love and think will help you succeed, you’ll want to sign up under their link and fill out a consultant agreement. It’s important to note that you cannot switch sponsors once you’ve submitted a contract.

After your paperwork is in, there is so much to do to prepare! You’ll want to make sure you have space in your home for all of your inventory (trust me, you can do this in a one bedroom apartment, ask me how!), gather all of your supplies, and work on your business plan. When a new consultant joins under my team, we have training pages set up with a ton of information available. Make sure you ask your future team what their resources are!