Image courtesy of  LuLaRoe .

Image courtesy of LuLaRoe.

How to Shop for LuLaRoe

There are a couple of ways to shop LuLaRoe. Because of the limited edition nature of the prints, and the mystery that comes with it, many consultants will never get the same items as other consultants! This makes every piece each consultant gets unique.

LuLaRoe was originally sold in pop-up boutiques in homes. This is much like many other direct sales – like hosting a Pampered Chef or Tupperware party – but even more fun with flattering and comfy clothes! Your host has over friends and coworkers and they get to shop and enjoy themselves.

With its growth, LuLaRoe is now also sold on Facebook in closed VIP shopping groups. This keeps each person’s purchases private and off of their regular Facebook feed, and let’s the search through available inventory. In Facebook VIP pages, a consultant photographs their current inventory and posts it into albums on the page in order for customers to shop and comment “sold!” on. It gets exciting! If you're new to shopping, join me over on my VIP page and poke around!