Income for Consultants

On average, each piece you sell has an average profit of $20, certain styles provide more profit, and some provide less. As a consultant, you purchase your inventory at wholesale and sell it at the minimum advertised price, which is set by LuLaRoe. LuLaRoe has a back office invoicing system designed to help collect payments. You pay credit card fees and the invoicing system collects sales tax and remits it on your behalf and the rest is deposited into your bank account - it's pretty simple! You can then choose how you want to purchase your new inventory, and how much you want to pay yourself (and you can decide based on your personal financial situation and goals how you want to balance your investment and your profits).

In an average month, your sales overall will vary depending on the amount of time you spend selling - your income is entirely up to you to an extent. Want to work this like a part-time job? It's the perfect way to make some vacation money! Want to work this like a full-time job and put in 40 hour weeks? You can absolutely make full-time income. As an example, my first four months I sold between $7,000 and $12,000 a month. About 50% of that was my profit. 

Also, never underestimate how you can make this work in a small space!