LuLaRoe Megan Millard

Megan Millard

My LuLaRoe journey started back in November of 2015. My cousin kept adding me to all of these LuLaRoe Facebook groups in hopes of winning free leggings. I called her and asked her to stop adding me to groups because "I don't want any leggings and I don't care how soft you think they are." She convinced me I just had to try them so I caved and bought my first pair. Needless to say, I bought four pairs that week (I assume some of you have experienced that LuLaRoe phenomenon also!!!). I got online and searched for consultants in my area and discovered no one in my town sold LuLaRoe and I instantly saw the business opportunity! I wanted to jump in and get started but I am a mother to four kids ages 8 & under so making a financial/time commitment weighed heavily on my decision. I wanted to make sure I could sell LuLaRoe and enjoy all of the benefits of being a stay-at-home mom. Well guess what, it's possible! I started in January of 2016 and with the help of a supportive spouse I have been able to do what I love with both my kids AND business! I do most of the office work (shipping, photographing inventory, invoicing) during nap time and after my kids go to bed. I book in home pop up boutiques over the weekend and during times that work for my family. I've been able to share the business opportunity with friends and family, watching as LuLaRoe changes their lives too. I have made lifelong friendships with other consultants as we work side by side building our businesses.

We were a family of six on one income and because of LuLaRoe saving money for a new house has become a reality. Because of LuLaRoe, I am confident and comfortable in my clothes! Because of LuLaRoe, I've broken out of my shell and met so many women in my community. Because of LuLaRoe, I found a new purpose dressing ladies in clothes that make them feel fabulous. Because of LuLaRoe, my family is dreaming dreams for our future we never would have thought possible. Because of LuLaRoe, our lives will never be the same.

LuLaRoe Erika Cantrell

I'm often asked "how do you do it - how do you work full time, be a mom, and run a LuLaRoe business?" My answer is simple. It is my "why." I started my LuLaRoe journey in September of 2016. I am a mom to two little boys with one more little one on the way. First things first, like most all of us I was completely obsessed with the clothes - as a matter of fact my obsession started with the Americana collection *former Army wife*. Also, I work a full time job, but I wanted something more. Something for me. Something to help me fulfill a purpose that I felt was missing. 

And that's exactly what LuLaRoe has done for me. Each and every day the journey that LuLaRoe is on and that I get to be a part of is inspiring and truly a blessing. The company values of LuLaRoe have helped me in my personal and professional life outside of LuLaRoe. I continue to run my LuLaRoe business because of the sisterhood I've built amongst my team, my VIPs, and other consultants throughout the company. I love this LuLaRoe business and wouldn't change my decision to work full time, be a mom and wife, and run my business. For those of you who work - it is entirely possible to be a LuLaRoe consultant and work! #momboss - you've got this! 

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about the clothes or running your own LuLaRoe business.

LuLaRoe Katie Cave

Katie Cave

Hello from Eugene, Oregon! I am Katie and I have been with LuLaRoe since February of 2016. I'm a mom of two spunky little girls, ages 7 and 5, and a wife to my marathoning husband of almost 10 years. My husband is an attorney who, because of LuLaRoe, decided to return to his love of teaching. We both coach at one of our local high schools (he coaches baseball and I'm the women's soccer coach) and we love that our girls are getting into running with us - our oldest ran her first 5k when she was only 4 and a half years old!

A couple of years ago, I ran my first ultra marathon and felt a sense of accomplishment that I had never experienced before, even through all of my years in sports and being a college athlete. A few months later, however, my youngest daughter and I were in a car accident. A man on his phone ran a red light and t-boned us. While we both walked away, and my daughter's carseat did it's job and she had no lasting issues, I was left unable to run for over a year. It changed my life - I went from running 50 miles a week to not running at all. It effected my self-esteem, my body image, my emotional health, my relationships, and really my whole life. I was no longer comfortable in my own clothes and I didn't enjoy getting up in the morning. Fast forward to my introduction to LuLaRoe. These clothes are not just clothes. They brought back a sense of comfort to me, a different way to express myself, and they also brought some of the most amazing relationships along with them. I fell in love first with the Julia dress and the Cassie skirt and my collection grew quickly. I felt empowered and slowly started gaining my confidence back. I have been back at running for a few months now, but LuLaRoe helped to bridge that gap for me. I now not only run a successful business, but I also get to help other women feel beautiful and I get to help them reach their goals.

I am a leader in LuLaRoe and have been a trainer in the company since September of 2016. I now have a large team under me, including two more trainers, and I am working to build up everyone around me. I love helping my teammates see the kind of successes that they are hoping for our of their businesses. 

Before LuLaRoe, I had done multiple other direct sales businesses. And while some of them were great companies (and I still use their products), LuLaRoe really fits my lifestyle and gives me the return that I was hoping for. I work really hard to run my own business and to help guide my team and it pays me well for the work I put into it. This company has brought so many opportunities to my family and me and I am forever grateful and love sharing that with others. 

LuLaRoe Sydney Alice

Hi everyone!! My name is Sydney Alice and I am a LuLaRoe retailer from Fresno, CA. I love traveling, spending time with my family and my dogs, and am a huge baseball fan (go Giants!). I initially joined LuLaRoe in March of 2016 in the hopes it would help a little with my pesky student loans, but it has grown to soooo much more than that. I have met so many absolutely wonderful people, both fellow retailers and customers, who have now become lifelong friends. I am constantly astonished by the amazing things (and people!) LuLaRoe brings to me and I'm so extremely glad it's a part of my life! I currently lead a team of two other LuLaRoe retailers and I like to think we are a pretty laid back and fun bunch. Everyone on my team has a family and a professional life plus other commitments on top of LuLaRoe, so we definitely appreciate the flexibility this business brings. If you're interested in learning more about LuLaRoe in general or about becoming a part of my team, I'd love to chat with you!!