My "Why"

I, like many other wives and moms, found that I spent so much time on everyone else that I didn’t have anything of my own. After I finished law school (in a weird way school had always been my “hobby”) I went to work. When I learned about LuLaRoe and felt those butter-soft leggings for the first time, I was excited to start something for the first time in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I loved (and still love, ha!) being a mom, but I wanted to do something that would be fun and just for me. So I signed up. And I invested in over 400 pieces of inventory! My husband must’ve thought I was crazy, but knew I was having fun. I figured at worst I would break even and I’d get a discount on some comfy clothes that made me feel good in my new post-baby body. My "why" was to enjoy my new hobby and regain some of my confidence.

And in my first month of selling LuLaRoe I did around $7,000 in sales – enough to pay back my investment and reinvest in growing my inventory and I was thrilled! And then I did about $8,000 in sales the next month. And then I realized that this was something more than a hobby. And then I had a few girls decide to join under me. In June 2016, I hit the level of Trainer and have a team of over 40 women and their families looking to improve their lives through LuLaRoe. 

My “why” has evolved totally. I wanted something fun, and then I wanted something that would make me some fun money. Now my “why” is all of the consultants under me – I want them to see success, both in what they are earning, and in their lives. I love the personal connections and true friendships I’ve developed because of this company. It is changing my life on a daily basis and I know it can do that for others. I am always happy to chat about LuLaRoe – if you’ve been looking for a change, check out some of the frequently asked questions I often hear and send me a message!